Fitness made fun, variable and highly effective!

If you want to be healthy AND happy, we’re here to help!

Our goal at The Athlete Lab is to provide our members with a fun atmosphere to achieve their health and fitness goals. Getting fit (or back in-shape) shouldn’t be repetitive, monotonous or boring. It should be fun, varied and done with a group of people who are your friends.

Our team of professional coaches are experts at combining the best results-based training and nutrition principles with a heavy dose of encouragement, accountability, creativity and laughter.

The result is a supportive community of individuals who encourage and celebrate each other’s successes. You don’t have to be in-shape to start! We love to introduce people who haven’t exercised in years to what we do. We teach people how to get a handle on their nutrition, how to move well so everyone stays injury free and inspired to pursue their health and fitness goals. We offer goal-based programs and coaching options, so if you want to shed the extra fat, get moving again or get back to your sports-roots, we want to help!

There are a lot of gyms out there, so why should you choose us? Our coaching staff and incredible community feels like a second home to many. You’re not working out on your own or running endless miles on treadmills, but rather you’ll get in shape with fellow members who turn out to be your lifelong friends.

We offer several types of classes, from ‘functional fitness’ to advanced workouts. We also provide individual goals meetings, paleo meal delivery-service, community events, free parking & more.

If you want to find out how we can help you in achieving your goals, we would love to help! Just get in touch with us via email to:, or call us at: 651-340-9236 – we’re looking forward to welcoming you and showing you around.

Get to know our cornerstones

  • Fitness is supposed to be fun, varied and effective
  • You don’t have to be in shape to get started
  • Our professional coaches take you all the way
  • Amazing, supportive and encouraging community
  • Results based planning, fine-tuned for you
  • Nutrition education & individuals goals meetings
  • We respect your individual goals
  • We value your achievements and milestones

 You Don't Have To be In-Shape To Get A Free Intro!
Book Your Free Intro with one of our professional coaches

Are you looking for a gym?

The Athlete Lab Challenge

Our “TAL Challenge” is designed for individuals who are looking to get started on their way to being lean, strong and healthy for the long-haul. This program teaches you the basic movements for all our programs and in turn, we prepare you for everyday life. Our 15-part TAL EDU teaches you the fundamentals of nutrition, sleep, hormones, fat, stress, blood sugar, etc.

 The next TAL Challenge starts on June 25th. Secure your spot TODAY as participation is limited. Click here to find out more!

The TAL Challenge features a success guarantee*.


Professionally programmed and coached, our incredible “AIM” community turns every workout into an event. Laughter and sweat mix with encouragement and functional movements. AIM is an amazing program that can take on all fitness levels, because we scale to your individual level, while redefining your fitness.

If barbells aren’t your ‘thing’, but you’re looking to get in-shape through HIIT & mobility – this is your ticket! Every AIM class is purpose built with functional warm-ups, HIIT and a relaxing mobility cool-down. Getting fit is almost a ‘side-effect’ of having fun. 😉


Our “CrossFit” workouts are for individuals looking to take their athleticism to the next level. You’ll be exposed to the best that the world of strength and conditioning has to offer – gymnastics, Olympic lifting, plyometrics, sprinting, etc…. No gimmicks, just proven methods for getting individuals strong, fast and fit.

The CF program is the natural progression as you get better, and when you want to go all the way, we are ready for you! Expertly programed and coached classes keep you safe and engaged at the same time. We value technique and form over racking up massive weights.

How to get started

Step 1:Schedule your free intro to The Athlete Lab!


Schedule your Free Introductory Session to meet one-on-one with one of our certified coaches. We will review your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and health goals, and assess your current level of fitness to recommend the best program for you! And, you’ll get a baseline workout, too!!

Step 2: Come on board and get your Primary Coach


Once you’re part of our community, you will receive a Primary Coach to personally guide you through our programs, personal goal, group and individual training, nutrition, and additional perks that come with your membership.

Step 3:Thrive through the power of our community!

GroupGo All In! Your successes come through committing to yourself! We will hold you accountable. You’ll be part of a group of like-minded everyday-athletes from all walks of life, in all shapes and fitness levels. To help you along, we have continuous skill clinics, body composition testing, nutrition challenges, events and a ton more!

Ready For Your Free Intro? Book Your Free Intro with one of our professional coaches

I am so happy with my experience at The Athlete Lab. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging!
– Molly F.
“My experience at The Athlete Lab has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”
– Sarah F.
“The Athlete Lab has changed my life. Thanks to every singe person that has cheered me on, pushed me to my limits, encouraged me and made me do things I didn’t think possible…”
– Jeanne O.
“The education portion of The Core Challenge (Bootcamp) has been informative and eye opening. I’m creating a list of things we are adopting into our household! I just wanted to express my enthusiasm and appreciation! Thank you for a fun, challenging and informative 6 weeks!”
– Angelene G.

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