Mission Statement

Our mission is two-fold. First, to provide an encouraging and supportive fitness experience, one that is progressive and tailored to each individual’s needs.

Secondly, to enhance your skill level and provide an incredible opportunity to gain confidence in your abilities and reach heights that you never thought possible.

CrossFit Athlete Lab’s community of clients ranges from the out of shape mom or dad to the natural fire-breather who always pushes their limits.   Our aim is to guide you toward seeking your potential and being driven by what you become. We give you the opportunity to learn new skills, learn how your body is supposed to move, as well as make new friends in the process!

We pride ourselves on providing a supportive and integrative environment for all involved.   Our firm belief is that you are more than you think you are.

CrossFit Athlete Lab’s Core Values

Respect:  Respect comes in two forms. That of self-respect and respect for others. Achieving optimal health first requires self-respect for the only body you’ve been given.  Prioritizing nutrition, exercise, mobility, proper recovery and emotional well-being allows you the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest potential.  Without a high standard and regard for yourself, there is no foundation to build on.

Respect for others, whether it be the coaches or your peers at the gym, means that you value the opportunities that are available to you through our coaching, workshops and social events which continually aim to MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON.  Additionally, respect for others comes in the form of cheering your peers on at the gym, providing support for those that are new and being a team player.

Excellence:  Strive for excellence and focus in all you do. At CrossFit Athlete Lab, we strive for excellence in coaching and client progress, but only YOU can decide if you want to reach your true potential.  Coaches will invest in you 100%, when you invest in yourself 100%.

Community:  The best maintenance for longevity and good health is being around like-minded individuals who support your lifestyle and habits that make you feel the best.  CrossFit Athlete Lab attracts pro-active people who want to thrive, not just survive.  Choosing to be with others who value this, provides great opportunity for personal growth and greater awareness of your everyday choices.

Achievement:  CrossFit Athlete Lab is committed to providing motivating and inspiring opportunities for you to achieve your personal goals, whether it be in class or during special workshops and events.  We pride ourselves on giving you meaningful objectives to accomplish based on your current needs and want you to feel a sense of achievement and purpose each time you are here.