Wednesday January 28, 2015

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A. Deadlift Progression Pt 2.  One set every 2 min for 10 minutes. [A] Load as follows: 1. 50% x10 2. 60% x10 3. 70% x6 4. 80% x4 5. 85% x3 [F] x7 reps, 2020 tempo for all sets.  Climbing if you can. This progression is heavier than 2 weeks ago in %. B. Tabatas:  Rest 1 minute after completing all 8 rounds at one station. 1. KB Swings (Russian, 24kg/32kg) 2. Box Jump (20/24in) 3. Row for Calorie Whip it.  Whip it...

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Tuesday January 27, 2015

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A. 5 Sets: Clean x 3 [A] Build up to tough set of 3 reps, TnG [F] 3x Hang Power Clean + 3x Front Squat Very new: 5x Front Squat B. For max total combined reps: [A] Max Reps Clean in 2 min @ 80% of “A”. Rest 2 min Max Reps Clean in 1 minute. Rest 1 min Max Reps Clean in 30 seconds. Done [F] Max Reps HPC + FS or just Front Squats (from a rack). Using same timing scheme. C. 3 rounds for time: 20x Wall Ball 20/14 15x Pull Ups [A] C2B if you can, or perform 6x Muscle Ups (you must know the height of your own rings and set up your own area). [F] Kipping/Jumping/Rings Stay tuned for some...

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Monday January 26, 2015

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Extended Warm-up and Rowing Drills Max Aerobic Power: 7 min on, 2 min off x3 stations Each station is scored as its own AMRAP: 100m Sprint [10x shuttles] [A] 7x Ring Dips [F] Static/Assisted Dip or Hand release push up 50x Double Unders/100x Jump Rope Passees [F] 5x RR Man Makers Row 150m 10x Toes to Bar/Hanging Knee Raises REMINDERS:  1.  Show Your Love to Sassy Spoon:  Saturday, February 14th from 11-1pm.  Carpool to Tamara’s new restaurant and meet up with some Athlete Lab peeps for some paleo grub!  More details to come….. 2.  Our next Athlete Immersion 101 launches on...

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Friday January 23, 2015

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A. Spend 5 min after warm up working on: Walk Pike on Tall Box Wall Walks Kick Up Handstands, add shoulder tapping practice if you can. Freestanding Walking Please get a coach to spot you, if you are initially unsure. B. 12 min Alt EMOM Front Squat [A] x2 Reps – work up to about 85-88% of 1RM [F] x5 Reps, with one second pause in bottom of each rep HSPU x5 [A] Ab mat (no more than 2), deficit, negatives, strict, pick a method that is challenging. [F] x5 Push-ups: Bodyweight, weighted with a plate on floor, etc. Pick a set of challenging 5. C. 10-8-6-4-2 Thruster (83/115lb), Scale weight...

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Thursday January 22, 2015

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A. 4 sets each, alternating: Stiff Leg Deadlift [A] & [F] x5 – 2020 Tempo, climbing weight Ring Plank/Floor Accumulate 1 minute Rope Climbs [A] x2, as challenging as possible (no feet, no feet on way down, etc.) [F] Pulls from floor x3 reps, or work on technique! B. 21-15-9, reps for time. Deadlift [A] Bodyweight [F] Weight where you might go unbroken or might break 1x per set DB Hang Cleans [A] 30/40lb [F] Weight where you can get at least 10 in a row. V-ups x2 [F] All scaled versions of v-ups/sit-ups Anne with a beautiful overhead...

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Wednesday January 21, 2015

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A. 5 sets: Overhead Squat [A] Work up to a heavy 3 [F] x5 reps, climbing if possible. B. 15 min AMRAP:  Rest 1 minute after each round. Row 200m hard [F] Row 150m hard 10x Alt Arm DB Snatch/KB Snatch (or 10x Russian KBS) 30x Double Unders/Speed [F] 60x Single Unders Rest 1 min after each round. Stagger start if needed.  Each round takes roughly 2 minutes.  Remember to rest for one minute then. Up and Coming: 1.  Show Your Love to Sassy Spoon:  Saturday, February 14th from 11-1pm.  Carpool to Tamara’s new restaurant and meet up with some Athlete Lab peeps for some paleo grub!...

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