Tuesday July 29, 2014

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Weighted Push-ups 8-8-8-8 Strict T2B 8-8-8-8 Double KB Front Squat 8-8-8-8 WOD:  Adjust distance and reps to accommodate enough rest for yourself, for those who need to scale. On the 2 minute x 5 Sprint 100m 2 Rope Climbs (sub 10 pull-ups – jumping, kipping, rings, etc) Rest 3 minutes On the 2 minute x 5 Row 200m 10 Wall Balls (16/25) Spread the love of farmer...

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Monday July 28, 2014

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Warm up deadlift A. 5 Rounds: 7 Deadlift (225/153) (275/183) 30 Air Squats 10 HSPU (or 5-7 strict) Sub:  5/5 Challenging strict KB presses for HSPU, scale air squats as needed for beginners. B. 400m Farmer Carry – L 400m Farmer Carry – R C.  Skill if time – Box pikes, wall walks, handstands against wall or walking on hands. 1.  Congrats to Timberwolf CrossFit for getting 4th overall at the CrossFit Games this weekend.  WOW, that was fun to watch and way to represent MN! 2.  We’re did some reorganizing!  Making room for equipment to be in other areas, etc.  We...

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Friday July 25, 2014

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21-15-9 (not timed, moderate pace) Hip Xtns DB Cosack Squats (Total) Switch Grip Strict Pull-ups Row for Calorie Ascending Ladder: 10 minutes 20 Double Unders (Sub Speed Jumps, singles) 2 Situps, 4 sit-ups, 6 sit-ups, 8 and so on… Add 2 sit-ups per round.  Get as far up the ladder as you can. Don’t forget to catch some footage this...

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Thursday July 24, 2014

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A. Fitness/Performance:  Spend about 12 minutes finding a heavy single Push Press Fundamentals:  Spend about 12 minutes finding a heavy 5 rep. Then, take 70% of that. 3 x 1 minute on/1 minute off.  Max reps. B. Fitness/Performance:  Spend about 12-15 minutes finding heavy single Front Squat. Fundamentals:  Spend about 12-15 finding a challenging set of 5. Then, take 70% of that. 3 x 1 minute on/1 minute off. Max reps. Coming the first week of August:  We’ll be starting our new programming!  Stay tuned for more insight and information regarding this.  There will be a lot of...

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Wednesday July 23, 2014

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Stiff-leg DL 5 x 10 For Time: Run 200m 40 DB Snatch (30/50)  (40/60) Run 200m 40 Pistols Run 200m 40 OH Swings (20/28)  (24/32) Run 200m 40 Push-ups Up and Coming: 1.  Do you remember those juicy Washington peaches last year that were delivered?  They’re back!  Our own Amy E. brings them to you in September when they are delivered to the gym.  Buy and box of peaches and support a swim team!  They are truly the best you’ll ever have.  Order yours at the front desk. 2.  CrossFit Games aired live on ESPN this weekend.  Friday and Saturday night yo’! 3.  FuBarbell...

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Tuesday July 22, 2014

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Back Squat – 90% 7 x 1 Fundamentals:  Work set of 5 x 5 3-6-9-12-15 Back Squat (60-63% of max) C2B Pull-ups (or scaling variations) Finisher: For 4 minutes with arms extended (not on elbows), switch between regular plank, R-sided plank, L-sided plank without dropping to floor. Switch positions as needed. Don’t forget the CrossFit Games are on this weekend LIVE on ESPN.  Friday night from 6-7pm and Saturday from 5-7pm. FuBarbell:   August 2nd/3rd.   Register...

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