Tuesday August 26, 2014

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A. Alt EMOM for 12 min Deadlift x 5 – working up, then last 2 sets at same weight Athletic:  Touch & Go Functional:  2020 tempo Pull Ups x 3-5 reps Functional: Negatives as slow as possible, weighted negatives if possible. Athletic:  Strict or weighted, can be broken, working sets up or across. B.  LONG Tabata x 4, rotating through, no additional rest period: 40 sec work, 20 sec rest -KB Swings [ Russian Swing] -Toes to Bar [Athletic: T2B, Functional: hanging Knee raises/sit ups] -Burpees [Score is total reps combined] Note – this is grip-intensive, so adjust...

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Monday August 25, 2014

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A. 5 x 3 sets Athletic: Hang Squat Snatch. Rest 90 seconds after each set. Work up in weight. Functional: Hang Power Snatch + OHS mobility. B. OHS 3 x 3 from a rack Athletic: 22X1 [2 seconds down, 2 seconds in the hole, drive up, 1 sec pause] Functional: 1 second hold at bottom, 1 second hold at top C. 8 min AMRAP 100m sprint 10x Wall Ball [adjust weight - athletic should be unbroken if possible] 10x Pistols [alt legs] Functional: Jumping lunges LABOR DAY WEEKEND GYM SCHEDULE:  Updates are in Zen Planner Friday evening, the 29th:  4:30 class only Saturday, the 30th:  8am only Sunday, the...

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Friday August 22, 2014

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A. In 10 min, find: Pulling Athletic: Weighted for heaviest 3 strict pull up Functional: Max reps unbroken at, 2020 tempo [banded/assisted or rings] B. 4 min: Core Density Test Max Toes to Bar Athletic: Toes to Bar Funtional: Hanging knee raises or sit ups [total score in 4 min] C. 11 min AMRAP [AnAerobic Repeats] 100m sprint 7x Power Snatch [Athletic] DB Snatch or kb swing: [Functional] 7x Burpee over bar [regular burpee for Functional] rest 1 min after each round Dan the Man joining us in regular classes!  Welcome to the big...

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Thursday August 21, 2014

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A. Deadlift; [15 minutes] Athletic: Find 3 rep touch & go max Functional: 3 reps; 2020 tempo B. 3 rounds for time [looking for about 12-15 min on this for most.  More of a grind.] 400m run 12x Man Makers [db's in each hand, go down to push up, single arm row with each arm, then jump up & clean the weights to shoulders & push press overhead, no squat on this variation.] 21x Broad jumps [looking for a good jump & stop/reset each jump, not just a bunch of 2" rabbit jumps"] Athletic: As written above Functional: 21x Walking Lunge Steps instead of Broad Jumps 12x Full Push Up...

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Wednesday August 20, 2014

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A. Alternating EMOM for 10 min [so do each station 5x, alternating stations] A1. Dips Athletic: Build to a 1RM Weighted Dip Functional: 3 reps [assisted as needed with lightest band as possible, or x7 on p-lettes] A2. Pistols x 6-8 each leg: Athletic: [assisted as needed] Functional: Bulgarian Split Squats x 6, unweighted/weighted [or can be kb lunges] B. 4 rounds for max reps combined, 1 min per station [takes 15 min total]. Rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete. 1. V-Ups/Sit-ups: Athletic/Functional 2. Overhead Squat Athletic: 95/65 as a good gauge Functional: OHS with empty barbell,...

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Tuesday August 19, 2014

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A. EMOM for 10 min Build up to 1RM Power Clean Note: By about minute 7 you should be getting close to PR’s. This will give you a chance to go again, if you need to in the following minutes. Athletic:  Full Power Clean x 1 rep Functional:  Hang Power x 1-3 reps, depending on where your level is at. If you are still dialing in technique, stick with 3 reps. B. 7 sets; 1 min on, 1 min off. 100m sprint [high output] Sets 1, 3, 5 -Remaining time is burpees Sets 2, 4, 6 -Remaining time is Double Unders [sub down as needed] Your score is the lowest round for burpees and the lowest round for...

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