Thursday June 26, 2014

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EMOM:  12 Minutes, alternating movements 7 x Bent-over Barbell Rows 10 x DB Cossack Squats Note:  Please park in the south lot or north lot as best you can, or outside of the coned area due to barbell lunges outside. 3 Rounds: 30m Barbell Lunge outside (53/75) (63/95) 15 T2B (scaled variations) 3 Rope Climbs (floor, one-arm ring reaches, etc.) Holiday Schedule for July 4th: July 4th:  8am/9am July 5th:  8am/9am July 6th:  Gym closed Back to regular schedule on Monday the 7th. Meat makes you...

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Wednesday June 25, 2014

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Back Squat – Spend 15 minutes working up to a Heavy 3 Fundamentals – Work up to a 5 AMRAP:  6 minutes 7 Back Squat (103/155) (133/185) 25 Double Unders/Speed Jumps Rest 3 Minutes AMRAP: 6 minutes 10 Deadlift (same as back squat) 25 Double Unders/Speed Jumps OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING: Split Jerk behind the neck 3-3-3-3 Jerk behind the neck 2-2-2-2-2 2 Position Clean (above knee + below knee) 3 x (1+2) 3 x (1+1)

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Tuesday June 24, 2014

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GUEST DAY! We will be using “House of Cards” for Guest Day, as it is one of the best ways to have a fun workout with variety, while still being fairly simple to coach new people trying out the gym for the first time.  It’s not too late to bring a friend! As many cards as you can get through as a team:  30 minutes When picking a suit, whatever number is on the card, that is the number of reps you perform. ♦ Overhead Walking Lunges w/Plate (each leg) ♥ Push-ups (scale up on rings, or HSPU) ♣ Box Jump ♠ Chin Ups (ring pulls for guests) Jack: 20 Swings (10 Burpees for...

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Monday June 23, 2014

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Review Clean and Jerk Clean and Jerk – work up to a challenging 1, sets across. 1-1-1-1-1 Note: Segment Pulls, Power Landing, Power Clean + FS or other accommodations as needed. 6 Rounds: Rest 90 Seconds. 5 Clean to thruster (73/105) (103/145) 7 C2B Pull-ups (scale) 100m Sprint Congrats to everyone who took part in the Granite Games Qualifiers the last 3 weeks.  Final rankings will be out and we’ll be able to see who makes it to the next round!  Great work everyone, and keep up the hard work!  Granite Games will be up in St. Cloud the weekend of September 12-14th. GUEST DAY:...

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Friday June 20, 2014

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The clock continuously runs.  You are responsible to work & rest through your 2 minute intervals.  Score is # of swings plus # of hand-release push-ups you can do. 4 rounds of each couplet. 4 Rounds:  2 minutes work, 2 minutes rest. Row 200m, then max OH Swings in remaining time. 4 Rounds: 2 minutes work, 2 minutes rest. Row 200m, then max hand-release push-ups in remaining time. Finisher:  30 Support Hold to L-sit on rings or bars.  (scale support hold to knee-ups) 1.  We’ll be hanging at the gym Friday night for the last of the Granite Games Qualifiers to cheer them on, and...

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Thursday June 19, 2014

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5 Rounds: 30 on/30 off. One round is both movements. Bear Crawl Broad Jump 15-12-9 (not timed) Heavy Deadlift (this should still be relatively TnG) Strict Ring Pull-up (adjust to bars, etc.) High Box Jump GHD Sit-ups x 2 (scale reps/parallel for fundamentals) 1.  Don’t forget that we’ll be grilling out Friday night 6-7pm at the last of the Qualifiers for Granite Games.  Come and join the cheering section and eat some grub! 2.  Guest Day – Next Tuesday!  Sign up at the front desk. Just some cool...

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