Friday August 15, 2014

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A. Alternating EMOM for 10 min [each is 5 sets] Strict Pull Ups Athletic:  5 x Weighted or static Functional:   8 x ring row or assisted Toes to Bar Athletic:  10-12 reps x strict if possible [controlled], work on kipping if you cannot do strict. Functional:  12 x Weighted Sit ups or V-Ups B. 15 min AMRAP sets, high output, follow rest [Anaerobic repeats] Athletic: 100m sprint 6x Hang Power Snatch [looking for very few breaks, if any] 10x Burpee fast Rest 2 min after each round Functional: 100m Sprint 6x Slam Ball 6x Burpee Rest 1 min LAST REMINDER – LAKESIDE WOD AT SNAIL LAKE PARK...

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Thursday August 14, 2014

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A. Band Sprints with partner x 5 sets *Make sure hamstrings are warm before this. B. “Christine”:  3 rounds for time 500m row 12x Deadlift [bodyweight men, 3/4 for women] 21x Box Jump [20in] Functional: Scale the deadlift weight, use hurdles instead, shorter box, step-ups. C.  Ask your coach if you want to work on a skill! REMINDER:  LAKESIDE WOD AT SNAIL LAKE PARK!  This Saturday at 8:30am.  ONE BIG CLASS! Don’t rely on your smart phone for directions.  It will take you to someplace [where we are not].  It’s updated on Zen Planner to remind you when you sign up...

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Wednesday August 13, 2014

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Warm up and extra upper thoracic mobility, plus OH positioning mobility. A. Overhead Squat:  5 sets Functional: 5 x 3 reps w/ 1 second pause at top every rep, working up but not a max, but heavier than last week. Athletic: Snatch Balance 5 x 3 reps, working up in weight B.  Single Leg Work/Mid-line:  3 sets Functional: KB Box Step Up x 6 each leg, all 6 same leg in a row Athletic: Bulgarian Split Squat x 6 each leg Hollow Rock 3 x 20 seconds C. 5 min AMRAP [muscle endurance, grind/grunt work] Max Unbroken Wall Ball Every Break is 5 Burpees OUTDOOR WOD THIS SATURDAY AT SNAIL LAKE PARK!...

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Tuesday August 12, 2014

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A.  Alternating EMOM for 14 minutes [7 sets each] – building off of last Tuesday. Cleans Dips Cleans Functional:  Hang Power Clean x 3 reps, working up in weight, but stop as technique degrades [Do final 2 sets or more at same weight to refine your technique & not worry about continuing to climb.] Athletic:  Power Clean x 2 reps, working up in weight, do final 2 sets all at same weight.  Heavier than last week. Dips Functional:  Push Ups x 10 [off knees or toes] or assisted dips x 5 [Note - this is the same as last week, but adding more sets, not adjusting rep...

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Monday August 11, 2014

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A1.  Front Squats 5 x 5, rest 30 sec. Athletic:  30×1 tempo Functional:  31×2 tempo [slow down a bit and really dial in proper technique and stability] A2. Handstand Work Athletic:  Accumulate 30 seconds against wall or free standing Functional:  Accumulate 30 seconds plank hold or front leaning rest on rings, wall walks, piked on a box, spotted kick-up to a handstand, etc. Adjust to the inverted method that best will suit your abilities.  Coach’s discretion. B. 4 rounds for time 10x Thrusters [Athletic: 95/65ish, Functional: Dumbells] 10x Burpees over bar 10x Pull...

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Friday August 8, 2014

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A. 1RM Push Press in 12 minutes Both Functional & Athletic For Functional – if technique isn’t there, work on form & not to a max set. B. ‘Helen’ 3RFT 400m run 21 x KBS 12 x Pull Ups Functional: 16/12kg  + Banded Pull Ups/Jumping Pull Ups [adjust as needed for both weight & pull up] Athletic:  24/16kg, Chin over bar pull up Note:  Be sure to adjust to your needs.  The weight options are general suggestions, except for the Rx weights. C.  Coach’s choice  :) Reminders: 1.  Spread your love!  Don’t forget to sign in on your FB app to donate...

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