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Thursday, May 19th 2011

Power Clean  3-3-2-2-1-1-1

Dumbbell Cleans
Double Unders (x2)
Ring Dips

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Wednesday May 18, 2011

Running drills & general running warm-up.

Get your 800m time for the boards. Rest.

8 Minute AMRAP:
5 Thrusters (75/105)
5 Deadhang Pull-ups (add weight if you can)

In case there’s any confusion, there will be a the regular 8am class on Saturday in case some of you aren’t coming to the Murph Challenge~

Sign up for the Stillwater Stair Climb (and hill hike) is on the board! A great way to hang out with fun people and eat great food afterward!  Saturday, June 25th:  Meet at 3:30 at Pam and Dom’s house.

Not sure if I’d go this far for paleo’s sake. Beth is having a rough time getting protein in China!  Can you guess what this is???






















Chicken head and beak.  EEEK!

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Tuesday May 17, 2011

Back Squat @ 65%

4 Rounds:
15 Burpees
30 Walking Lunges
100m Farmer Carry

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Monday May 16, 2011

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

10 Rounds, rest 45 seconds after every round. Running clock.

5 Hang Power Snatch 63/100
40 Yard Suicide (Run 10, back/Run 20, back/Run 30, back/Run 40, back)

Sign up for our Memorial Murph Challenge this Saturday! Jim is bringing elk burgers, so that should be enough reason to show up! NOW we’re getting primal…..

Salmon delivery Tuesday, email me or put your order on the sheet up on the board. I got a freezer for the gym, so don’t hesitate to order meat/fish since I can just keep it frozen at the gym now if you can’t pick it up right away.

Sign up at the gym for our Stillwater Stair Climb on Saturday, June 25th! We are shooting for meeting at about 3:30pm. Potluck to follow at Pam and Dom’s house! Once I know who’s coming, I’ll email plans/directions, etc. What a fun summer!

Sunday night din-din: Salmon with red onion, drizzled with Bragg’s Hawaiian Marinade










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Friday May 13th, 2011

Good Mornings

2 Rounds:
30 Box Jumps (lateral, not forward)
20 KB Half Moons
10 Hang Cleans

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Thursday May 12, 2011

Turkish Get Up 2-2-2-2-2 Each side

Back Squat
Hang Power Snatch

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Wednesday May 11, 2011

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50m Resistance Sprint x 4

Finish 9 Rounds total for time. Every 3 rounds, rest exactly 1 minute. Running clock.

Deadlift 165/225
Toes to Bar
Dumbbell Split Jerks (each arm), (40/50)

***If time, practice rope climbs or L-sits on rings.


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Tuesday May 10, 2011

Weighted Dips 3-3-3-3-3
Weighted Chin Ups 3-3-3-2-2-1

WOD: For Time
Run 1 mile
100 Swings

Don’t forget to put your name down on the Memorial Murph Sign-up at the gym!  Paleo Potluck to follow!  Lt. Michael Murphy has an incredible story….one that makes our suffering during the WOD more like picking pansies in a meadow.  Seriously folks.

Pam and Dom are kind enough to open their home up for a Stillwater Stair Climb Workout and Potluck at their house in June.  We are shooting for Saturday, June 25th.  Meeting in Stillwater at around 3:30pm.  Doing a hill/stair route in Stillwater and relaxing with everyone afterward for a BBQ.  Does that sound AWESOME or what?  Thanks Pam and Dom!  Mark your calenders!

Vineta is taking things by storm since recently joining!  Don’t worry, she really did get below parallel in this squat if you’re being picky.   :)



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Monday May 9, 2011


8 Rounds for Time:
20 Double Unders
Bear Crawl forward/backward (20m)
10 Switch Lunges

Sorry no pics of the MovNat workshop….too busy doing muscle-ups on the playground equipment and bear crawling backwards up a hill!

Memorial Murph Challenge for all levels: Saturday, May 21st at 10:30am. Sign up at the gym and bring a bring a dish to pass for the potluck! Paul and I will supply the grillin’ and libations!

Only a couple spots left for the Teen Strength and Conditioning class this summer. All information here!

We are planning a Stillwater Stair Climb Workout and Potluck in June – More details to come!

Amy was nervous to pull this weight for the first time….but as all Labbers come to realize, you’re stronger than you think!  :)

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Friday May 6, 2011

Back Squat

10 x 50m Sprints

50 Sledgehammers each side

50 Tire Flips

Recover between these. No timer going, but work hard at each task.

Don’t forget to sign up in the gym for our Memorial Murph Challenge on May 21st!  Paleo BBQ and Potluck to follow!   10:30am workout that day!

New website coming…Yay!

Moga starts next week! Register here for $69 for a six-week session.

I’m a little late, but I’ll work on the 30 Day Challenge winners this weekend…..

Andy Paulson, PhD is proud to introduce Exploring Human Performance: A Group Discussion the second Monday night of each month.  The group will cover a wide range of topics, based on what you’d like to learn more about.  Sky is the limit!  He will also be open for consultation, as it pertains to helping you map out your lifestyle goals, setting forth a plan and integrating mindful practice to achieve your goals.  More details and schedule for group meetings to come!

Z-man prepping for hockey season…..


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