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Wednesday October 6, 2010

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Compare to July 23rd

30 Swings
1 Weighted Bear Crawl
8/8 Bulgarian splits




Day #9 of the 30 Day Challenge:

I see some people losing inches!  We have pounds lost already ranging between 5 to 8!  Great posts on our Facebook page!  Keep up the great work!

Open House this Saturday from 11-2pm! Click here for details!

Got the munchies?  Seeing as I am ruled by chocolate, I forget about the poor souls who have given up their vices such as:  crackers, chips, pretzels and Fritos (God forbid).

Sue reminded me tonight that she “misses the crunchy stuff.”

Well, here’s a kale chips recipe that I seriously hear good things about.  Several of my friends have tried making these, and they are actually really good.  I suspect that a bit of guacamole with them will do the trick….well, it will at least “fake” you into thinking your eating your regular chips-n-dip.

Click on the image.  Scroll to find Crispy Kale Chips with Sea Salt.


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Tuesday October 5, 2010

6 x 100m sprints
6 x max distance broad jumps

For up to 8 minutes:  Every minute on the minute, do 1 rope climb.  With the remaining time you have left each minute, perform max double unders.  Score is number of double unders you complete.

Don’t forget about our Open House this Saturday from 11-1pm!  Adult and kids workouts ON THE HOUR, plus prize drawings for new people!

RSVP the time you’d like to come!

Day # 8 of the 30 Day Challenge!  Can you believe we’re already past a week into this?  What new foods have you tried?  Post it on our FACEBOOK page!

Don’t forget about the artichoke!  A great way to jazz up your snacks or salads.  Plus, super easy to stick in a tupperware with olives and a couple hard-boiled eggs.  I think I ate a whole can tonight.


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Monday October 4, 2010

Strict Press 1-1-1-1-1

Front Squat (115/135)
Burpee Pull-ups
Walking Lunge w/dumbbell press (x2)

We are a FULL week into our 30 Day No Sugar Challenge! How is everyone doing?   Thanks for all your comments and photos on our Facebook page!  Get involved and become a “like” fan!  Have you found the challenge to force you into cooking more?  Are you experimenting with new spices, flavors and recipes?

Helen lent me a book titled, “The End of Overeating”, which takes a look inside our very crafty food industry….and the science behind making food “irresistible” and rather addicting (processed foods).

Yes, there are actually people who are hired in the food industry to concoct test tubes of flavors specifically aimed at getting you hooked.  Can’t eat just one right?

I have a great article from Experience Life Magazine that condenses this topic.  Click on the image.


Paul and I have had a great time in Pittsburgh!  We have eaten at some great restaurants, but have also taken the time to cook with my best friend and her husband at their home.  Good thing my best friend is a “foody” like I am….we could both spend hours in the kitchen.

Last night we marinated flank steak and shrimp, then threw it on the grill.  We made a FANTASTIC slaw to cover the grilled meat/seafood.

Cabbage/Jicama Slaw:

Diced purple cabbage
Diced Jicama
Chopped cilantro
Chopped green onions (red onion would work great too!)
Crushed garlic cloves
Squeezed limes
Diced mangos
Diced avocados

Drizzle olive oil over slaw and toss. Let sit for a while to soften up the ingredients.   Add sea salt to taste. Garnish over grilled meat or seafood.   Eat!

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Thursday September 30, 2010

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

Ring Push-ups
Weighted Steps

Cool down, then do 3 x 15 reps of resistance sit-ups with the bands.

Day #4 of the 30 Day Challenge! What do you miss the most so far? Is it as hard as you thought it would be?   Have you been putting more thought into food as your ultimate FUEL?  Are your co-workers starting to ask you questions?  Lead by example if they think you’re a whack-job.  :)

Write up your thoughts on our FACEBOOK page, there’s been some great posts so far!

True Story:  Grilled kabobs a few days ago.  Ran out of propane, so had to get another canister at the gas station.  Girl at the counter unlocked the outdoor propane cage to get a new one.  She hesitated for a moment, then looked at me.  “Can you lift that out of there for me?”   The propane canister only weighs 35 pounds.  Sigh.


1.  Blog is on a hiatus through Monday.  Dave will have workouts for you, plus any substitutions.  Just because I’m not blogging doesn’t mean you’ve left my mind.  Don’t cheat!  Keep talking via Facebook!

2.  Open House reminder!  (Saturday October 9th, from 11-2pm)  RSVP the hour that you’d like to show up.   Adult and kids workouts start on the hour!

3.  FRAN Challenge coming in November folks!  More details to come…….(thanks for the GREAT idea Andy!).

Have a great weekend everyone and get outside to enjoy the weather!

Sue getting some great depth in her tricep push-ups in boot camp!  Nice!


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Wednesday September 29, 2010

Windmills 5-5-5-5 each side, bottom only.
Floor Chest Press 3-3-3-3

You have 12 minutes to complete the following: I guess we’re on a 12 minute kick this week.

Warm-up exactly 3 minutes.  Then, as efficiently as possible, find your 1 rep max thruster.  With remaining time, max reps of:  50m sprint/10 Swings

Score:  Total weight + total reps of swings only

Day #3 of the No Sugar Challenge!  How are you all doing so far?  Several of you walked in the gym today, well….feeling your first sugar lows.  That is normal.  Don’t give into it.

Check out Donna’s post on our FACEBOOK page to see what she brought to work.   Take an idea or two from it.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments of, “I’m still so hungry”.  Remember to supplement that hunger with more fat to create satiety.

From the vault:  Bacon Mayo

Throw the above on a big lettuce wrap with meat, veggies, avocado.

As if I haven’t already created a Paleo cult at the gym, you can further get hooked on it by going here:

Cave Girl Cafe

Kim hit a 145# Front Squat PR last week…..PREGNANT.  :)


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Tuesday September 28, 2010

TGU 2-2-2-2 (with a bar)

Romanian Deadlift 5-5-5-5


1 Farmer carry down and back gym (long way)
4 Burpee broad jumps
3 Ring pull-up + pike inversion (perform 1 dead-hang pullup and immediately go into a pike inversion)

Day #2 of the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge!

I ate a whole can of olives since yesterday.  I don’t like them salty, so I found this great option at F&N, lower sodium.  Pop ‘em like candy.


Keep it up folks!  Post your comments on our FACEBOOK page!  Take a picture of what you’re eating, stick it on there and start sharing your experiences!  Or….just complain!  :)

Open House on Saturday, October 9th from 11-2pm. Adult and kid workouts ON THE HOUR!  RSVP to me and let me know when you’re coming.

Fawn put together our first VIDEO!  Thanks for doing this Fawn!

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Monday September 27, 2010

Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1

For Time:
Run 200m
10/10 KB Cleans
10/10 KB Walking Lunge
20 Sit ups
Perform the same sequence the same, except for the KB moves go down as 8-6-4 each side.

Mobility, practice muscle-up transitions/dips/false grips

I want to thank Melissa and Dallas for presenting a fantastic workshop this Saturday! They have a knack for clearly explaining the material and it opened great discussion. I feel so lucky to have had them here. Thank you to all those who attended the Whole9 Nutrition Seminar and for making it such a great success! Lots of good questions were asked and I REALLY hope you will take the information and RUN. WITH. IT.

Almost 30 have signed up for the 30 Day Challenge starting tomorrow! Have you done your grocery shopping? What does your week ahead look like? Do you need to freeze some food? Plan ahead, put some foresight into things and I promise you….this can become your “new normal”.

I’m preparing myself for some of you to be very cranky this week. :)

I was thinking that the biggest pain in the rear for me personally is making marinades to keep meat yummy and interesting (even though I like doing it, it’s always the last thought). I have no problem having protein on hand at home, I just usually get really good at spreading it with guacamole as a quick condiment. Anyway, I decided I’m going to make a big batch of easy marinades and just freeze them in jars for later use or for meat that you’ll make later in the week. It’s fine in the fridge for several days too.

Tonight I threw together a marinade for grass-fed kabobs (had huge salad with it, avocado, some cantaloupe):  I never really measure stuff.

Olive oil
Red wine vinegar (couple splashes)
Crushed garlic (about 3 cloves)
Bragg 24 Seasonings (lower shelf of the dressing aisle at F & N)
Sea Salt
Squeezed 1 and 1/2  lemons

Thanks so much again WHOLE9 LIFE!  I will try to book them again for spring, this time for their new full-day workshop….

Don’t forget about our Open House on Saturday, October 9th from 11-2pm.  Adult and kid workouts on the hour!  RSVP to me the time you’re attending.

Dave is taking classes from Thursday night through Saturday.  No Thursday Oly Class.



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Friday September 24, 2010

Jog 1 mile at 70%

6 Rounds:
7 Good Mornings
5 L-sits in pull-up hold position
3 Pull-overs with kettlebell (heavy)
Every 2 rounds, do 5/5 cross-chops with kettle-bell.

30 Day Challenge photos due by Sunday night. I should make a point that if you “fall off the wagon” during the 30 days, it doesn’t mean you are disqualified. Remember, we’re going on photos alone, so you get to be as strict as you want.

Paul and I will be out of town next Thursday to Sunday night. Dave will help out in classes. I’m sure Beth will be there too, so ask them for help if you need it!

No Olympic weightlifting class next Thursday.

I’ve got to order our PaleoKits for travel in the airport.  Boo hiss, they’re out of the grass-fed jerkey….so I’ll have to settle for the original version.  The best part about eating PaleoKits is that all the profits go to Steve’s Club, a non-profit for disadvantaged youth.  CrossFit peeps are nice peeps.

Open House details are on the homepage now!  October 9th, 11-2pm!


The Athlete Lab “Masters” after a tough go at Kelly the other day!  Way above average in their 50′s and beyond!


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Thursday September 23, 2010

Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Turkish Get Up 1-1-1-1 (each side)

Renegade Man-makers
Double Unders

Practice Muscle Up transitions or false grip ring pulls.

Doctor’s Orders:  New York Times

Whole 9 Seminar Saturday, 4 spots left!  Sign up here!

Open House on Saturday, October 9th from 11-2pm!  Details will be posted on the website later this week. RSVP here!

Jared getting inverted!


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Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

AMRAP:  12 minutes

3/3 KB Cleans
1 Bear Crawl
1 Rope Climb

If you have not done so already (and I know some of you already received his new book, including myself!), please order The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf.  IT WILL ANSWER EVERYTHING about paleo nutrition and how it positively affects your health.

Robb does a fantastic job of explaining how an high carbohydrate diet easily causes cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,  auto-immune disorders, infertility, arthritis……and the list goes on.  Doesn’t anyone see that ALL of these conditions have been on the rise?

Folks it’s SO much more than looking good naked (Yes, Ryan I’ve heard that phrase before).  It comes down to quality of life for you or for someone you know.  It can be life or death.  Order the book.  Click on the image.

p.s.  Oh yeah, Robb’s a funny guy.  He throws his humor into it, which makes it a fun, yet informative read.


4 spots left for the Whole 9 Seminar this Saturday, 10-2pm. Register HERE.

Get your photos & registration in for the 30 Day Challenge.  Starts next Monday!!  You can do it!

Open House Celebration on October 9th from 11-2pm!  Kids ages 7-12 can try out CrossFit Kids!  Adult workouts, skill stations and prize drawings. RSVP HERE!

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