Thursday May 9, 2013

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Stiff Leg Deadlifts (climbing)

Warm-up Front Squats

2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5 (not timed)
Front Squat @ 70-75% of max
High Box Jump

Finisher:  30 Glute Ham Developers

Whoo hoo!  It’s here!  Your official Advanced Class Movement & Standards List!

Advanced Class:  As with any new class and time slot, this is “piloted” first to ensure that it is worth providing and that clients will take an active role in setting goals to get into this class.  We are providing a pistol workshop later this month specifically for this reason.  Other skill workshops will be up and coming!


  • Here is the Advanced Class Movements & Standards.  There’s a spot for a coach to initial when you are ready to check something off the list.  You must have ALL of them to attend the Advanced Class.
  • We have decided to pilot this class on Thursdays at 6pm.  We need to work around Beginner classes, who is available to coach and so forth.
  • The plan is to start this class on Thursday, June 16th (sorry, I have Mounds View graduation the week prior and I’m the one coaching!)
  • This is a GREAT opportunity to make yourself BETTER.  You need to ask coaches for tips and help.  Sign up for workshops.  Look at the standards and pick something to work on.  Get on it.  Oh yeah, and the crap food that you’re eating isn’t helping your performance.  Just sayin’!

I will probably work on some type of skill for 4-week segments of time.  It would be good to get some repetition on things, and you can gain all sorts of ideas to work on it before/after classes.  Advanced classes will still lift, do WODs and the like, but this is also a chance to gain proficiency in actual SKILLS too.

Looking forward to working with you on this!  Your coaches are here to help you, so use them!


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Wednesday May 8, 2013

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Split Jerk
Spend 15-20 minutes working up to a heavy 1.  Max if you feel good.

Power Clean (93/135)
Power Jerk
Back Squat

5 x 40 second weighted planks.  Heavy as you can.

Thank you to everyone who brought a friend or family member today for Guest Day!  6pm class rocked it with 22 peeps!



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Tuesday May 7, 2013

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GUEST DAY!  We will be scaling as needed for your friends, but if you want to hit this hard, it’s gonna be a doozey!  Back to barbells on Wednesday :)

AMRAP:  20 minutes
20 Wall Balls (14/20)
100m Sprint
20 Ring Rows
100m Sprint
20 DB Lunges (25/35)

40 KB Half Moons
8-8-8-8/Each side weighted side bends.

Dan…..aka Awesome Sauce Squatter.


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Monday May 6, 2013

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Back Squat
Find a 5 rep max.

“Helen”:  3 Rounds
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (16/25kg)
12 Pull-ups

Finisher: 100 V-ups

Who’s got this one as prescribed? Leader board time!

PR BOARD: We had a total of 21 new PR’s for April.  Be sure to record every PR that you get for May!  We’ll be keeping tally.  We’ll be updating the leader board at the end of each month.

MURPH CHALLENGE:  Some of you might think that since this is a big Hero WOD, you cannot participate.  That is the furthest from the truth and we will have scaled options for you to choose from.  Do not miss out on this fun event.  Additionally, rowers will be out for those that need to sub out.  The main focus of the MURPH CHALLENGE each year is to honor a military hero.  It’s not about whether you can do the full challenge or not, it’s doing the best you can for someone else’s sacrifice!

This is an opportunity to be surrounded by a lot of supportive good people, so get your butt signed up and bring a yummy paleo dish to share for the pot-luck!  See you there~

Pistol Workshop:  Intern Beth Cooper and I did a run-through on the workshop this weekend and we are excited to bring new progressions to you!  Wouldn’t it be great to eventually knock out 10 in a row free-standing?  We have some fun body-weight tricks to strengthen your single-leg prowess…..Awesome Sauce!

Coach Angela and Rebecca – Push up instruction. 


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Friday May 3, 2013

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Snatch Pulls (do not go more than 110% of your max)

Find your max Power Snatch.

10 Rounds: 20 second shuttle runs, 40 second rest.

Humans Are Not Broken

Car decal vinyl stickers at the gym now!  Get yours!

New t-shirts & summer tanks coming soon!

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Thursday May 2, 2013

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Switch Grip Strict Pull-ups (one hand forward, one hand reverse)

Handstand Push-ups / Elevated Ring Push-ups (challenging box), parallette negatives, other scaled options:

Kettlebell Deck Squats

AMRAP: 8 Minutes
30 Double Unders/Speed jumps
15 Swings (24/28kg), (20/24kg), (16/20kg)

Pistol Performance Workshop: Don’t forget to sign up for Monday the 20th either at 10:15am or the 7pm time slot!  New progressions and methods to gain single leg strength and balance.  A must do.  Check this gymnastics-based movement off your list peeps!

The last sunny day of 2013!  :)

Sunny Day

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Wednesday May 1, 2013

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Front Squat
Work up to a heavy 5

EMOM:  20 Minutes
Even:  Cluster (95/135lb)
Odd:  Rest


Congrats to Janie T. and Eric H. for their dedication to our Goat Challenge!  Both receive $65 cash and gift certificates to Fresh & Natural and to Chipotle!

Janie T:  Her goal was to get 10 consecutive double-unders. She got 16 consecutively and surpassed her original goal.  To give you an idea of how much she wanted this, she had over 800 points accumulated:

  • Consistently showing up at 5:40am to practice before the 6am class started
  • Bringing her rope to work and practicing there (fire station).
  • Signing up for the Double Under clinic held in February
  • Looking up instructional videos
  • Open Gym time
  • All the other random times I saw her practicing before or after class!

Eric H:  His goal was to get three proficient 95# overhead squats.  He surpassed it by getting over five of them at 105 or 115 (he can’t remember)…..and they actually look GOOD.  Overhead squats are tough for many of you and it takes a lot of motivation and dedication to peel back the “velcroed” layers of your muscles and fascia to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Congrats on picking a difficult goat, Eric, and you proved that you could have patience with something!  (If you know Eric, he doesn’t have patience).  :)

  • Open gym practice time
  • Not cherry picking WODs
  • Asking Angela A LOT of questions  :)
  • Resistance band stretching
  • Practicing with a bare bar
  • Buying weight-lifting shoes!!!

Way to go to everyone who put in some time (or at least you thought about it?) toward “getting your goat”.  We saw some other great things happen the last 4 months too.  Some PR’s on major lifts, better handstands, rope climbs and more!

….and now, a chance to laugh at ourselves!

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Tuesday April 30, 2013

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Weighted Dips
Heavy KB Rows/Each
Broad Jumps

Do 1 Turkish-Get Up after each round (2 each side total)

“Iron Lung”

2 Rounds for total time:
Run 800m
Rest exactly 90 seconds
Row 800m
Rest exactly 90 seconds

This has become a very popular WOD at CrossFit Athlete Lab. There’s nothin’ “snazzy” about it….but it will give you a “snazzy” kick in the rear.

Some of you are “Iron Lung” veterans, so come and see how you fair compared to last year!

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Monday April 29, 2013

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15-20 minutes heavy set of 5.

Hero WOD: “DT”

5 Rounds: (103/155lb)
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Finisher: Accumulate 5 minutes of ring plank. (thanks intern Beth C!)

GOAT CHALLENGE:  Ends on Tuesday!  Put your points up for final score.  We have a handful of peeps who REALLY stuck this out and either met or surpassed their goal.  I have split the cash kitty ($65/each) and will add in a Fresh & Natural and Chipotle gift card to the 2 winners.

Most Points Accumulated (best effort) & Big Bad-ass Goat winners will be chosen.  Again, this was also a test of your own motivation to get something that you’re not so great at or simply don’t like to practice.

GUEST DAY:  Next week on Tuesday the 7th.  Start spreading the word!  Sign up sheet at the front desk for all time slots.

MURPH CHALLENGE:  Saturday the 18th at 8:30am.  Sign up is ready on Zen Planner.  Paleo Pot-luck to follow this big endurance Hero WOD!  Remember all levels are welcome, we will have various levels you can choose from.

We are also re-evaluating Saturday class times.  The 9am is not as popular as we were expecting and does not have enough consistently high numbers to continue.  The 8am is still the preferred choice for attendance, and will stay as such for now.  If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

I will hold 8am/9am class through May 1st.  Starting May 11th, we will go back to the 8am only.  Sorry for any inconvenience, but get yer’ butts up and get movin at 8am again!

3 different ways to climb a rope.  You gotta find what works for you!

Rope Climbers

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Friday April 26, 2013

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Midline Work: 4 Rounds
10 KB hearbeats (demo in class)
20 GHD Sit-ups
30/30sec Renegade Hold each side

10 Rounds:  Rest 45 Seconds in between for total time.
5 DB Cleans (30/40)
Sprint 100m

Finisher:  Mobility


1.  MobilityFit:  Dr. Scott Oswald has brochures and sign-up available at the front desk for 10 or 20 minute assessments and mobility work.  Information can be found there.

2.  Guest Day:  Tuesday, May 7th all time slots!  Sign up sheet is at the front desk.  Start thinking of friends you might know who love to workout, have good attitudes and like to work hard.  CrossFit isn’t for everyone.  Who do you know who is high-octane and takes life by the HORNS?!  Bring ‘em in!

2.  Warrior Dash, June 29th, 8:30AM Heat:  A handful of peeps from the gym are signed up.  Contact Tom or Beth Cooper for details!  You can also go to the link HERE and put in your registration.

John E. – CrossFit globe-trotting!


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