Friday May 17, 2013

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Jerk @ 75-80% (focus on speed!)

Not Timed:

Dips (weighted if you can)

Heavy Wall Balls

Rope Climbs

Double Unders/Speed Jumps

Now that’s more like it!  Big group coming for Murph on Saturday morning and it’s going to be fun!  Remember this is for a fallen HERO.  Put yourself out there and meet the challenge.  See you at 8:30am!


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Thursday May 16, 2013

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Snatch Complex:  Approximately 15-20 minutes.   Not timed.  For load.
Power Snatch
Hang Snatch
Snatch Balance (Scale: Overhead Squat)

Every 40 Seconds for 10 Minutes, 15 total reps: Snatch (climbing)
0.00 – 0.40 – 1.20 – 2.00 – 2.40 – 3.20 – 4.00 – 4.40 – 5.20 – 6.00 – 6.40 – 7.20 – 8.00 – 8.40 – 9.20 (last one)

Finisher:  5 x 30 tuck holds on rings/static bars

Memorial Murph Challenge:  This Saturday at 8:30am, paleo pot-luck to follow!  Be sure to sign up and join us in honoring fallen Navy Seal, Michael Murphy.  You can learn about Lt. Michael Murphy’s story at this link.

There’s no need to feel intimidated by this Hero WOD.  We’ll have all sorts of scaling options from ring rows, to rowing substitutes, to scaled distance on the run, to scaled reps.  It’s simply a great chance to challenge YOURSELF to whatever capacity you are capable of and have the full support of your fellow CrossFitters.  Get’er done!

Reminder:  Pistol Performance Workshop next Monday!  Sign up on our Events and Happenings Page!

Advanced Class:  If you are working on getting the movements initialed by a coach, please bring in your hand-out so the coaches can start checking them off!  We’d like to get a better idea of who is interested in working on this.





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Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Front Rack Lunge
2-2-2-2-2-2 (Each leg, heavy, sets across)

5 Rounds:
100m Farmer Carry (R)
100m Farmer Carry (L)
15 Back Squats at 3/4 of your body weight

From yoga teacher, Amy Dickson: 

Thanks to those that have laid out their mats with me this past season!

Yoga Wednesdays will be suspended for the summer and we’ll re-group in the fall.
Please let me or Kate know if you have thoughts about when you would like to see Yoga (full-hour classes or post-WOD half hour sessions) offered going forward.  Some gyms do Yoga Sundays since it’s a usual Crossfit day off, and I would be open to that!
For you Wednesday TAL yogis – continue to do the poses that challenge you most – 5 deep breaths at a time – at the wall after WODs or at home to prepare for killin’ it at the gym!  For those of you that don’t know what challenges you most but want to – I am available for private sessions or semi-private if you want to share the time and cost with another.
$30/ half hour
$60/ hour

Chad – getting ‘er done at the 6am!


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Tuesday May 14, 2013

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EMOM:  20 Minutes
Even: Row 200m
Odd: 12 Heavy Swings (32/40kg)

If you are able to stay on pace, be sure to partner up with someone of similar ability.  This WOD is nothing short of awesome!

Recover, then:

12 Minutes:
6 Strict Toes to Bar
9 Lateral Slams/Each
12 GHD Sit-Ups
15 Supermans

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Monday May 13, 2013

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Thruster – Climbing weight

Deadlift/Thruster (108/175)
20/5 – 16/4 – 12/3 – 8/2 – 4/1

Compare to Tuesday, November 6th

Finisher:  100 Spider Planks

Reminders & Updates:

1.  Goodwill:  All the cubby stuff is in a bag in the closet.  Goodwill run in about a week.  Someone is missing a nice North Face Jacket, Birkenstock sandles, fancy work shoes…..some shopper will be nicely dressed!  Pick up your stuff!

2.  Through Monday the 13th:  Last day to get a discount on the Pistol Performance Workshop for Monday the 20th.  See our Events and Happenings page for codes!

3.  Advanced Class Movements & Standards:  Be sure to take a look at the bullet-points UNDER the movements.  The list of movements doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to perfect them just yet (ie, muscle ups).  I’ve also updated the list to include double-unders, which I forgot before.  Minimum of 20 in a row required.  Pick something and work on it!

Advanced Class Movements & Standards

4.  Only 9 people signed up for the Murph Challenge so far?  WHAT?!  I expect a bigger crowd and full support for a great hero from you all!  This is a fun morning and again, several modifications to the Hero WOD to choose from.  It’s always do-able for anyone involved!  Grill & Chill potluck (paleo style) following!  Bring a dish.

“$%*#-ing sleds.”


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Friday May 10, 2013

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8 x 250m Row Sprints, rest in between.

8 x 40yd Sled Pushes, switch with your partner.

30 Weighted Push-ups (challenging weight for you)
30 Strict Chin-ups

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Thursday May 9, 2013

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Stiff Leg Deadlifts (climbing)

Warm-up Front Squats

2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5 (not timed)
Front Squat @ 70-75% of max
High Box Jump

Finisher:  30 Glute Ham Developers

Whoo hoo!  It’s here!  Your official Advanced Class Movement & Standards List!

Advanced Class:  As with any new class and time slot, this is “piloted” first to ensure that it is worth providing and that clients will take an active role in setting goals to get into this class.  We are providing a pistol workshop later this month specifically for this reason.  Other skill workshops will be up and coming!


  • Here is the Advanced Class Movements & Standards.  There’s a spot for a coach to initial when you are ready to check something off the list.  You must have ALL of them to attend the Advanced Class.
  • We have decided to pilot this class on Thursdays at 6pm.  We need to work around Beginner classes, who is available to coach and so forth.
  • The plan is to start this class on Thursday, June 16th (sorry, I have Mounds View graduation the week prior and I’m the one coaching!)
  • This is a GREAT opportunity to make yourself BETTER.  You need to ask coaches for tips and help.  Sign up for workshops.  Look at the standards and pick something to work on.  Get on it.  Oh yeah, and the crap food that you’re eating isn’t helping your performance.  Just sayin’!

I will probably work on some type of skill for 4-week segments of time.  It would be good to get some repetition on things, and you can gain all sorts of ideas to work on it before/after classes.  Advanced classes will still lift, do WODs and the like, but this is also a chance to gain proficiency in actual SKILLS too.

Looking forward to working with you on this!  Your coaches are here to help you, so use them!


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Wednesday May 8, 2013

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Split Jerk
Spend 15-20 minutes working up to a heavy 1.  Max if you feel good.

Power Clean (93/135)
Power Jerk
Back Squat

5 x 40 second weighted planks.  Heavy as you can.

Thank you to everyone who brought a friend or family member today for Guest Day!  6pm class rocked it with 22 peeps!



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Tuesday May 7, 2013

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GUEST DAY!  We will be scaling as needed for your friends, but if you want to hit this hard, it’s gonna be a doozey!  Back to barbells on Wednesday :)

AMRAP:  20 minutes
20 Wall Balls (14/20)
100m Sprint
20 Ring Rows
100m Sprint
20 DB Lunges (25/35)

40 KB Half Moons
8-8-8-8/Each side weighted side bends.

Dan…..aka Awesome Sauce Squatter.


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Monday May 6, 2013

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Back Squat
Find a 5 rep max.

“Helen”:  3 Rounds
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (16/25kg)
12 Pull-ups

Finisher: 100 V-ups

Who’s got this one as prescribed? Leader board time!

PR BOARD: We had a total of 21 new PR’s for April.  Be sure to record every PR that you get for May!  We’ll be keeping tally.  We’ll be updating the leader board at the end of each month.

MURPH CHALLENGE:  Some of you might think that since this is a big Hero WOD, you cannot participate.  That is the furthest from the truth and we will have scaled options for you to choose from.  Do not miss out on this fun event.  Additionally, rowers will be out for those that need to sub out.  The main focus of the MURPH CHALLENGE each year is to honor a military hero.  It’s not about whether you can do the full challenge or not, it’s doing the best you can for someone else’s sacrifice!

This is an opportunity to be surrounded by a lot of supportive good people, so get your butt signed up and bring a yummy paleo dish to share for the pot-luck!  See you there~

Pistol Workshop:  Intern Beth Cooper and I did a run-through on the workshop this weekend and we are excited to bring new progressions to you!  Wouldn’t it be great to eventually knock out 10 in a row free-standing?  We have some fun body-weight tricks to strengthen your single-leg prowess…..Awesome Sauce!

Coach Angela and Rebecca – Push up instruction. 


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