Thursday October 3, 2013

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Overhead Squat – Set of 2, sets across.

AMRAP: 12 Minutes (16/20kg)

With one kettlebell throughout the entire complex.

12 Goblet Squats
15 Overhead Swings
18 One-arm Rows (total)

Finisher:  100 sit-ups

Got a busy week? Don’t forget to get your Origin Meals order in by Thursday night at midnight (hopefully you aren’t actually up that late though!). You’ll have your meals fresh and ready for you on Monday!

Reminder:  Gym closed on Friday after the 8:30am class and through the weekend.  Competitors for The Granite Games are rarin’ to go!

Jeannie’s holdin’ down the fort.  Angela is WOD’ing in a Hello Kitty tee, George is making a sweat angel, and Eric and Kim are high-fiving each other.  CLASSIC.


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Wednesday October 2, 2013

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Sumo Deadlift – Climbing

4 Rounds:
9 Deadlift (193/275lb)
7 Strict toes to bar
5 Double KB Front Squats (20/24kg)
3 Rope Climbs

Reminder:  No classes after the 8:30am on Friday.  Gym is closed over the weekend for Granite Games.

Monday is coming up soon!  We are excited for the 6-week Paleo with a Purpose Challenge and some of you are chompin’ at the bit to get rollin’.

Do you have your 2 week task-list done?  Be sure to keep checking on the Facebook Group Page b/c there will be TONS of information flowing through there to your benefit.  Not just recipes, but all sorts of things that will be health related.

Additionally, please email if you have not gotten your photos taken or measurements done.  Also, contact us if you haven’t gotten your photos emailed to you.  We didn’t catch everyone on the same day.

Brace yourselves….lots coming up this fall!  Stay tuned……


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Tuesday October 1, 2013

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Hip Extensions

Weighted Pistols (total)

Weighted Pull-ups


2 Rounds: In two minutes, run 200m and perform max reps of the movements below for remainder of your 2 minute window. Rest exactly 2 minutes in between each work set.

Renegade Man-makers (25/35lb)
Walking Lunges with same DB’s

Bringin’ it back to ol’ school….at the Granite Games.  Good thing they trained once all year for this!


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Monday September 30, 2013

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Back Squat – Heavy 5 sets across

Power Clean (93/135)
Back Squat (same)
HSPU (sub strict press)

Finisher:  40 Straight arm plate twists

Reminder:  Limited Friday schedule this coming week and the gym is closed due to the Granite Games.  Plan your week if it affects you!  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Get your buns up to St. Cloud for a day!

Brad and Lindsey traveled to New Zealand this month and stopped in at 3 different CrossFit boxes!  The third one is owned by Ruth Anderson Horrell, who placed 15th overall at the Games this year.  AWESOME!  Be sure to take a picture if you drop into any CrossFit boxes while out of town and we’ll post it up!

Crossfit Queenstown

Crossfit Christchurch

Crossfit Wild South

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Friday September 27, 2013

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Jerk – Find a manageable 2 rep, sets across.

6 Rounds:
20 Overhead Swings (20/24kg)
30 Double Unders

Finisher: 60 Ring Roll-outs

1.  If you are going to the Bod Pod this Friday evening and Saturday….my best suggestion is to get someone to drop you off at the Rec Center (directly across from Williams Arena).  See if they can wait for 30 minutes in a less crowded area in Dinkeytown.  Or maybe they can go tailgate with the others at the Homecoming game?   :)  It’s going to be inconvenient, and apologize for the bad weekend collaboration.  Prepare wisely!

2.  Granite Games next weekend, Friday – Sunday!

Remember, we will have limited hours next Friday.  Gym closed over the weekend.  All coaches and competitors will be up there.   Come and support your fellow Athlete Lab peeps by buying a ticket and heading up for a day!

Click HERE.



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Thursday September 26, 2013

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Turkish Get Up – Find a heavy single
1-1-1-1 / Each

Accumulate 40 Seconds on ring/bar tuck holds
40sec – 40sec – 40sec – 40sec

Double KB Front Squats – Choose a challenging load

6 x Sprint Sled Push 50 yards (50lb/90lb)

You will attempt to sprint this as fast as you can for time.  Full rests in between.  Record your splits.


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Wednesday September 24, 2013

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4 x Switch Grip Pull-ups to failure (if you are using assistance, find a band that you can get at least 10 done.)

Front Rack Lunges
Find a heavy 3 on each leg

Note: Alternate between the two strength movements. You’ll probably have more than 4 sets of rack lunges while you work your way up though.

AMRAP: 8 minutes
3 Deadlift (205/315lb)
5 Burpee Box Jump-overs (20/24in)

Competitors class in on the 29th at 10am. It wasn’t on the scheduler for some reason, all fixed!

Please pick up your Granite Games t-shirts this week!  They are at the front desk.  Check or exact cash is easiest.  Thank you!

Paleo with a Purpose Challenge closes down tomorrow night!  If you’re riding the fence, jump over!!!

Maggie – dedicated 6am-er’


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Tuesday September 24, 2013

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Back Squat – Heavy 2, sets across

For Time:
Row 1 mile
Farmer Carry 400m (right arm ONLY) (24/28kg)
Farmer Carry 400m (left arm ONLY)
Broad Jump 100m (scale to 50m for beginners if needed)

Note: During your farmer carry, stay on ONE SIDE until you are done with each (no switching). Set the KB down as needed during each 400m.

Beginner Class!  Eric N., Kelly, Nancy and Eric T.  Welcome!



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Monday September 23, 2013

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Thruster – 15-20 minutes
1 Rep Max

10 Rounds: Rest 45 Seconds in between
3 Clusters (108/150lb)
Sprint 100m

Note:  A cluster is a clean to a thruster overhead.

Finisher:  This week’s mobility

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Food as Fuel Seminar.  Be sure to fill out your 90 second survey so we can tweak and improve for future presentations.  We always want to get better too!  You have your 2-week “to do” list to focus on this week.  Additionally, make sure you’ve clicked on your links in all the emails to get your Google Doc food log set up, and your Facebook page invite. 

A great shot of Dan and his full-extension in the snatch. He will rotate his body AROUND the bar. The bar won’t travel any higher than about his chest height by the time he’s on his way down.  Visualize the mechanics of that to help you stop pulling early when the barbell is still going up your thigh.     :)


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Friday September 20, 2013

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Skills / Drills – Bare bar

5 Rounds:
3 Snatch Deadlift
3 Hang Power Snatch from pockets
3 Hang Power Snatch from just below the knee
3 Overhead Squat (or best for your range of motion)

EMOM:  15 minutes

Advanced:  2 Snatch (climbing weight)

Beginner/Intermediate:  2 x [power snatch + overhead squat]

Finisher:  30 weighted side bends/each side

I mentioned to a handful of clients this past week, that days like this can be looked at as your “CrossFit Yoga” experience.  Think of all the mobility and range of motion that you can practice by even just using the PVC pipe.  So what if you mobility stinks!  Take a stick and do the drills.

Grab a corner and work some mobility, then hop back into some of the drills with your PVC.  I have a hard time believing that you would leave class saying, “Damnit, I shouldn’t have done all that mobility homework, now I feel like crap.”

Additionally, to get proficient at the clean or the snatch, EVERY SINGLE PART OF YOUR SET-UP MUST BE THOUGHT ABOUT.  So get your butt in.  Listen.  Watch.  Learn.  And get some weightlifting shoes.

To get some tools in your “mobility toolbox”, please go to our TRAINING RESOURCES PAGE and specifically look up all the links that we’ve put together for you.  We’ll hold your hand, but only until you can cross the street by yourself!  :)

We are REALLY proud of the turn-out so far for the Paleo with a Purpose Challenge!  Almost 40 people signed up!  Way to go everyone, and we are excited to surround you with good resources, ideas and personal stories to help you make a huge transformation for yourself.  BAM!

If you see Dave (and his wife, Kris) in class, introduce yourself.  New peeps!




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