Friday August 16, 2013

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Switch Grip Pull-ups

Heavy KB Pull-overs

4 x Max Distance Broad Jump in 15 jumps (Outside. Bring a piece of chalk with you or a poker chip to mark where you land).

8 minute Tabata – continuous clock:
Deadlift (133/185)

You will do each movement 8 times.  Alternate between the two.  Your score is the sum of each of your lowest rep attempts between the two movements.

We have done this WOD before…I just can’t find the date, so if anyone has it in their notebooks, let me know!

How did CrossFit come into play this past weekend up in the Apostle Islands for Paul and I?  Farmer carry with kayaks in both hands.  One of us had the front, one of us had the back.  We hauled both up and down a set of beach stairs down to the water.  Fully loaded with food, water, life-jackets, paddles and other misc. things.

Real life peeps.  It’s what’s handed to you every day.  Can you manage it?

Sign up sheet is ready up at the front desk for GUEST DAY next Tuesday.  We hope to have a good number of people show up!  You know they are fully supported and encouraged at whatever level they are at.  Actually liking to workout helps though.  Don’t bring someone who hates to exercise!  :)


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Thursday August 15, 2013

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Bear Complex:
5 Rounds total.  Each round consists of 7 complexes.  Move up in weight each round, as needed.   For max load you can handle in your 5th round for ALL 7 complexes.  Must stick with push press.  No push jerks.  Leader board for this one!

The way we perform the Bear Complex at our box is for load.  Not timed.

Power Clean (or combine into a clean)
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press from behind the head

Next Tuesday:  GUEST DAY!  Bring a friend to any time slot!

Saturday, August 24th:  Sassy Spoon at the Saturday 8am WOD…..”Sassy Saturday”.  We’ll supply the workout and the coffee!  Come support Miss Sass (Tamara) and her yummy paleo food!

This Fall:  Get ready for our up-coming Paleo for a Purpose Challenge!  Stay tuned for emails coming out next week and further deets!

Scott took legless rope climbs to the extreme last week.




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Wednesday August 14, 2013

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3x Sled Pulls – 100m

Inside: Alternate

Single Arm Kettlebell Thrusters / Each side (challenging weight!)

Glute Ham Developers (weighted if you can)

5 x 300m Row Sprints

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Tuesday August 13, 2013

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Deadlift – Climbing weight

Weighted Ring Dips

Double Unders

Finisher: Windmills (top, bottom or both)
3-3-3 / Each Side

Nick – The “wind-up”.




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Monday August 12 2013

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Back Squat – Climbing weight

Back Squat (93/135)
Heavy Swings (32/40kg)

Finisher:  40 KB Half-moons, 25/25 Heavy Lateral Ball Slams

Tuesday, August 20th:  GUEST DAY ALL DAY!

Saturday, August 24th:  Sassy Spoon Food Truck at the Saturday morning WOD.  Caribou Coffee provided too!  Get your brunch on!

Have you ever used duck fat for cooking????  YUM.  You can order a jar of duck fat from FatWorks here.  Then you can use it to make duck fat garlic roasted sweet potatoes.   Mine is on the way!

Road Kill.

Road Kill

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Friday August 9, 2013

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Front Rack Lunge – Find your heavy single/each leg.

4 Rounds:
10 Front Rack Lunges (93/135) Pick up from floor.
20 Deadlifts with same barbell
10 Weighted Push-ups (35/45lb)

Finisher:  Weighted Side Bends 8-8-8-8/Each

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Thursday August 7, 2013

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Bulgarian Split Squats/Each

Weighted Pull-ups

For Time: 2 Rounds
Run 1000m
50 DB Snatches (40/50lb)

Finisher:  2 legless rope climbs, 3 rope climbs off floor, or learn how to do a rope climb.

Tuesday, August 20th:  GUEST DAY!

Saturday, August 24th:  Sassy Spoon Food Truck servin’ up paleo breakfast after our Saturday morning WOD!  Caribou Coffee will be served at the gym too!

Reminder:  Coach Kate is out of town Friday – Tuesday of next week.  Please email Coach Beth Cooper at during this time.  Thank you!

Fall Events up and coming – stay tuned…..

Brenda.  Breathing at the top of her deadlift.


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Wednesday August 7, 2013

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Front Squat – Heavy 7

EMOM:  12 minutes (climbing)
2 Cleans

Outside:  10 x 20 second shuttle runs (20yds, 40 second rest in between)

Coach Kate will be out of town Friday – Tuesday of next week.  Email for any questions or anything you need the coaches to know, and Coach Beth Cooper will help you out!

Cuz’ that’s how we roll.   :)


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Tuesday August 6, 2013

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3-3-3-3-3 at about 70-75% of your max.  (New members, find a challenging set of 3 and/or work on technique.)

Jerk (123/165lb) Must pick up from the floor.
Weighted Pistols x 2 (12/16kg)

Finisher: 50 Hip Extensions/25 Strict Toes to Bar (split up as needed).

Tuesday, August 20th:  GUEST DAY ALL DAY.  Time for your friends to step up their game and start having fun and getting results!  Who’s in?

Saturday, August 24th:  It’s official.  Sassy Spoon (aka Miss Sass) will be at the Saturday WOD ready to fill your bellies with paleo breakfast yummy-ness.  We’ll supply the Caribou Coffee that morning, so hang out for a bit with your fave CrossFit peeps and make it a fun morning for yourself!

CrossFit Kids:  Don’t forget to email Coach Beth Z. if you’re interested in enrolling your kid in CrossFit.  We plan on bringing it back for fall/winter on Thursday nights at 6pm.

Both rooms packed.  Love it.



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Monday August 5, 2013

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Max Height Box Jump

Start with sets of 3-5 at lower heights to get things fired up. Then creep your way up in your singles for max height.

15 Minutes: AMRAP that you can fit in until the top of the each up-coming minute.

30 Double Unders (pace-horse)
Then, alternate between:
KB Snatches (16/20kg), switch arms as needed.
Goblet Squats with your KB

Finisher:  20-20-20 Grasshoppers (demo)

After each of your 30 double under sets, perform as many KB Snatches/Goblet Squats (alternate them each round) as you can until the top of the up-coming minute.  (It doesn’t matter what minute end up on, the smoother and more consistent you are with your jump-roping the more opportunity you have to add more reps to the WOD).  At the top of each minute, start your set of double unders again.  Repeat for 15 minutes.

Total reps of goblet squats and kb snatches in 15 minutes!

Tuesday August 20th:  GUEST DAY ALL DAY!  Sign up sheet at the front desk.  Bring ‘em in!

Saturday, August 24th:  Sassy Spoon back by popular demand!  We are looking to have Sassy Spoon back for a paleo brunch feast after the regular morning WOD.  We’ll supply the Caribou Coffee, so nobody has withdrawals!  We need to finalize this date for sure, but I’m 90% sure it’s gonna fly.

CROSSFIT KIDS:  We are planning on bringing back CrossFit Kids on Thursday nights at 6pm starting on September 12th (ages 5-9).  We plan on  bringing back the regular class time at 6pm and moving the advanced class to a different slot.

Please email Coach Beth at if you plan on enrolling your child in our CrossFit Kids program.  Feel free to ask any questions, if you might have a kid who is new to it.

Fall Events:  Up and coming, stay tuned!

Jim – KB press silhouette.


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