Tuesday September 16, 2014

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A. 10 min EMOM – [alternating]

Squat Clean x3
Functional: 3x Hang Power Clean + 3x Front Squat
Athletic: 3x Full Squat clean – no more than 5-7 seconds rest between reps

Strict Pull Ups x 1 [working up to a heavy single/1RM]
Functional; Either 3-5 slow negatives each set, or 8-10 ring rows at 1010 tempo

B. Front Squat 3 x 3 @ heavier weight than A [from the floor].

C.  3 rounds:  1 min per station.  Rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete.  Start at any station.
Wall ball
Functional:  Find a weight you can do approximately 15 reps in 1 minute
Athletic:  20/14
Box Jumps [+step down/step up + Step down, or hurdle hops]
Functional:  Same as above, looking for 12-15 reps in 1 min.
Athletic:  24/20
Row for Calorie

Eat with Purpose Challenge: What’s on deck this month?

1. Sunday, Sept. 21 from 10-12:  Challenge Baseline make-up (if you cannot make the official group event on Sunday, the 28th).

2. Monday, September 22 from 7-8:30pm:  Open gym is extended for those who need to do some baseline work.

3. Sunday, September 28th from 10-12:  Official Baseline Testing Day prior to the Challenge.

4. Saturday, September 27th from 10:30-12pm:  Eat to Perform Seminar

5. Monday, September 29th from 7-8:30pm:  Another extended Open Gym for those who need to gather more baseline scores.

6.  Saturday/Sunday, October 4/5th:  Pre-Bod Pod testing.  Be sure to grab your spot HERE.

What will be your baselines?  

  • Max Back Squat
  • Max Deadlift
  • Max Press
  • Max Power Clean
  • Short Met-con (TBD)

There were some concerns about the 800m run being potentially weather dependent (thanks Mike!), which wouldn’t fare well for a good indication of improvement if there was a snow-storm….so, we’ll be shifting it to a different short met-con that will be easier to score.  More details coming!  We have a TON of people signed up and we are super excited to get everyone educated and eating like an athlete!




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Monday September 15, 2014

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A. Every 90 seconds for 12 min [8 sets total, working up in weight]

Athletic: 1x Hang Power Snatch + 1x Power Snatch [from floor] + 2x OHS
Functional: 2x Hang Power Snatch + 4x OHS

B. 10 min AMRAP
Functional: Hand Release – [Hold strong mid-line position as best you can]
Athletic: Plate Plyo Push Ups

Every break = 100m run + 12x T2B
Functional = 12 sit ups or hanging knee raises

Score is total push ups.

Granite Games was a success, as it was an amazing event that brought together so many athletes and spectators, even internationally! The whole weekend flowed well, and huge props to organizers, judges, media teams and volunteers. Truly a class-act event!

Our gang gave a great showing and we’re so proud of them for stepping into the “ring”.

Coach Beth Cooper and Coach Brook:  3rd out of 57 teams in the Womens Scaled Division
Coach Beth Z. and Coach Jeannie:  20th out of 57 teams in the Womens Scaled Division
Kevin D. and Tom C:  28th out of 59 teams in the Mens Scaled Division
Brian D. and Jesse:  43rd out of 59 teams in the Mens Scaled Division.


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Friday September 12, 2014

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Finish first lift before going to the next.

Power Clean x 5
Athletic: 3 positions:  mid-thigh, below knee, floor
Functional: 3 x Hang power clean
Working up in weight

Strict Press 4×4, working up in weight.  From the floor.

C. 21-15-9 [Aim for 8 min or less. sub to 15-12-9 if needed.]
Seated DB/kb Strict Press [on floor, legs straight, both arms at same time.]
Toes to Bar [Sub to V-Ups if you have grip issues after Thursday, Functional; sit ups]
Box Jumps [Athletic: Jumps; 24/20 or higher + step down, Functional; Jumps or step up + Step Down]

On seated press, especially with core work combined in it; make sure to keep torso upright when fatigued & body properly stacked.

For box jumps, looking for explosive/high jumps, not quick turn over, more muscle fatigue with movement.

We hope to see some of you up in St. Cloud this weekend!  It’s going to be a spectacular event and one that puts MN on the map!  Good luck to Beth Z., Jeannie, Beth C., Brook, Kevin D., Tom C., Brian D. and Jesse V.!!


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Thursday September 11, 2014

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A. Back Squat: Every 2 min for 14 min (plus mobility in between sets)
Sets of 5 reps, working up, final 3 sets are same weight.

Athletic: No tempo
Fitness: 20×1 [Focus on your control and positioning of the lift]

B. 5 rounds:
12x Pull Ups
12x Single Leg

Athletic: Chin or C2B
Functional: Jumping or Ring Row, scaled as needed.

Athletic: Striders or Pistols
Functional: Lunges or Striders [aka jumping lunges]

Lunges/striders are L+R = 1
Pistols are 1 leg = 1 rep

Chalk Talk:
We just wanted to do a reminder about basic chalk etiquette so we can keep the gym clean and not make so much work for coaches to clean up. We appreciate your cooperation!

  • Please keep your hands below the rim of the bucket when applying chalk to your hands.
  • If you accidentally tip over the bucket and there’s a chalk spill, please let the coaches vacuum it up.  Don’t mop it up since it just spreads it all over the floor.
  • Please keep individual chalk pieces in the buckets during your WODs.
  • Please don’t clap chalk all over the place.  See first bullet-point.
  • We still love you all.

Road trip anyone?  Head on up to Granite Games this weekend for a fun-filled time in a packed stadium with 1100 athletes, tons of vendors and a chance to see CrossFit competition in action!  See you there!

Kate I. – A smile and a barbell says it all.




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Wednesday September 10, 2014

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5 Sets:
A1. Push Press x 5 reps, rest 30 seconds
A2. L-Sit; accumulate 20 seconds total
Functional: Tuck position on floor or on p-lettes.
Athletic: One or both legs out in L-Sit on p-lettes or rings.

B. 12 min AMRAP [no rest interval]
100m run
5x hang Power Clean (unbroken) or 10 Swings
Athletic: 30x Double Unders/Speed Jumps
Fitness: 90x Single Unders

For this wod, the sprint & HPC should be fast…the jump rope is somewhat of a rest.  We’ve been building up for two weeks with rest intervals.  No rest this time.

Granite Games this weekend!  Regular schedule Friday-Sunday.  Scaled divisions begin at 9am each day and move into Rx and Elite divisions later in the day.  All of our competitors are in the scaled division, so come on up for a day and cheer them on!  Road trip!  Click HERE for all the info and spectator tickets.





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Tuesday September 9, 2014

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A. Deadlift – spend approximately 20 minutes.
Athletic: 1RM
Functional: Two options: 1RM at 2020 tempo OR heavy set of 5 at 2020 tempo.

B. Partner Row
Accumulate 3000m rowing, not more more than 150m at a time. (Each partner rows 10x150m.)

Eat with Purpose Challenge: What’s on deck this month?

1. Sunday, Sept. 21 from 10-12:  Challenge Baseline make-up (if you cannot make the official group event on Sunday, the 28th).

2. Monday, September 22 from 7-8:30pm:  Open gym is extended for those who need to do some baseline work.

3. Sunday, September 28th from 10-12:  Official Baseline Testing Day prior to the Challenge.

4. Saturday, September 27th from 10:30-12pm:  Eat to Perform Seminar

5. Monday, September 29th from 7-8:30pm:  Another extended Open Gym for those who need to gather more baseline scores.

6.  Saturday/Sunday, October 4/5th:  Pre-Bod Pod testing.  Be sure to grab your spot HERE.

What will be your baselines?  

  • Max Back Squat
  • Max Deadlift
  • Max Press
  • Max Power Clean
  • 800m Run



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Monday September 8, 2014

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A. Snatch: One set every 2 min for 12 min, working up in weight so long as technique allows + Mobility work in between.

Athletic: 3 position snatch + 3OHS
Pockets, below knee, floor

Functional: 3x Hang power snatch + 3OHS
[Note:  This can just be 3-5 OHS every 2 min for those who need this more]

B. 3 rounds for time
400m run
21x Push Ups [Athletic: Plyo Push Ups, Functional: hand release push ups]
12x Toes to bar [functional:  Straight leg V-ups or Sit Ups]

Granite Games:   This weekend, Friday-Sunday come up to St. Cloud and cheer on Coach Beth Z., Coach Jeannie, Coach Beth C., Coach Brook, Kevin D., Tom C., Brian J., Jesse V.

Scaled divisions start at 9am each day, so if you can take a road trip up for a day and make it by 9am, you can be in the cheering section!  Go HERE for all details and tickets.

Congrats to Coach Cooper and Coach Brook for a successful weekend at the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification!


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Friday September 5, 2014

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A. Back Squat: Find 1RM in 15 min
Athletic: Go for it, no tempo.
Functional: Either 1RM [if you're a little more advanced then, 30x0 tempo on your 1RM
or if you're really new, work 5 reps at 30x0 tempo]

B. Take 85% of 1RM, & perform max reps
Athletic: No tempo, can rest at top as needed.
Functional: 30×1 tempo – as soon as tempo is broken and form is sub-optimal, you are finished.

C. 5 min Max Rep Wall ball
Every break = 10 OH Swings (24/28kg)
Athletic: Go for BIG Sets
Functional:  Each break = 10 KB Deadlifts

Athletic is set up to increase muscular endurance
Functional is set up to better understand your own redline & more consistent work.



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Thursday September 4, 2014

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Warm-up thoroughly, then;

One set every 3 min for 24 min.  In other words, you will perform the tasks within 3 minute blocks of time, with rest in time remaining.  Alternate each set.

BLOCK A: Sets 1, 3, 5, 7
200m run
10x Pull Up
30x Double Under [75x Single Unders Functional]
Athletic: Chin over bar or C2B, [really advanced can be 3-5x Muscle Ups]
Functional: Ring Row/Jumping Pull Up

BLOCK B: Sets 2, 4, 6, 8
200m row
10x Toes to Bar [Athletic] 10x V-Up or Sit Up [Functional]
10x Box Jump + Step Down or Hurdle Jumps

Split group up, so rowers aren’t overflowed.

This should be about a 2:1 work/rest for the entire time..towards the end, those with less aerobic power will probably be closer to 2.5 to 1 or so.

If you can’t finish the work in a round, you can either skip a round & rest, or scale your run to 100m and do half the reps.

If time remains in class:  Ask a coach for skill help or mobility help.

“Getting high” – CrossFit style.




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Wednesday September 3, 2014

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A. Every minute on the minute for 10 min.
1 rep strict press [working up to a heavy single]

Then; take 60% of A & perform max reps.
No tempo, no legs at all when the shoulders get tired!

B. 15 min AMRAP [anaerobic shoulder endurance]
100m run
8x Hang Power Clean
12x clapping or dynamic push ups [Athletic] or hand release push ups [Functional]
Rest 1 min after each round.

Note:  HPC something you can turn over fast for Athletic.  For Functional, use lighter, or hang high pull, or kb swing are all appropriate.

Granite Games are coming up!  Head over HERE to get a spectator ticket.  Head up to St. Cloud for a day-trip to cheer on your fellow Athlete Lab competitors over the weekend of September 12-14th!  If you are new to CrossFit or have been around, but have never gone to a competition, this is your chance to see it in action!  It’s incredibly  inspiring to see all levels compete from scaled divisions to elite divisions….to all age groups including Masters competitors which blow you away!  Age is just a number, folks!

We are excited about all the registrations for our 6-week Eat with Purpose: Eat to Perform Challenge coming up!  Be sure to register HERE.  Then, you’ll want to head over HERE to put your name in a spot for the Bod Pod.  The dates for your “before” Bod Pod results are either on October 4th or October 5th.  The dates for your “after” Bod Pod results are either on November 15th or 16th.  It will help if you pre-plan and get your name in your spots soon!  It is up to you to contact others to switch spots.

Eat to Perform Seminar has open registration for that ONLY, as well.  It will be held on Saturday, September 27th from 10:30 – 12:00pm.

Callus assessment.  We’ve all been there.




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