Tuesday February 14, 2012

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3 Rounds:
15 Hip Extensions
15 Back Squats (123/175)
15 Toes to Bar
100m Farmer Carry (as heavy as you can go in both hands)

Rowing Clinic this Saturday.  If something has come up and you are no longer attending, please let me know as it is sold out and I’d like to fill any spots that come about!

We are gearing up for our next 30 Day Challenge starting March 1st.  I love that all the newbies are asking questions and getting clarification on how to do this.  I have the Whole 30 packets printed off, you can pick one up at the gym when you hand in your $15 to the prize kitty.

Some quick tips and things to experiment with that will help you “think outside the box”…and eat better.

1.  Make your own mayo.  You won’t ever go back.  Infuse it with rosemary, sea salt and garlic.

2.  Find farm eggs off of  Craigslist.  I picked up 4 dozen last week from a family up in Centerville.  They have a farm and the eggs are super delicious.

3.  Start making ghee.  It’s easy and WAY cheaper.  Nobody wants to give up butter.  So don’t give it up, just clarify it.

Pastured butter from Trader Joe’s (I think I bought 12 of these!)








This came from about 2 pounds of butter.  Normally one jar costs near $10 at the store (eek!).  But this brings the cost down to about $4- $5 per jar.








This is how you make ghee (cheese cloths can be found at Fresh and Natural).  In order for it to work, you have to talk like her.  :)

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